Job seekers often ask me: Can I find a job in an application? Of course, the answer is yes, but it is difficult to make this result a positive factor, so the employees are consistent.

However, according to the statistics of current job seekers, it is possible that the number of employment applications obtained within four months is far less than 200. Better, more efficient application technology that allows you to work easily in less than 30 days.

Job interview

As an experienced recruiter or employer, it is impossible to predict the predictability of job (job in phuket) search when predicting the results of a job interview. Like many recruiters and HR professionals, I think this step is more like a meeting than a series of predictable or controllable results. Even if you think candidate A might be better, the employer’s hiring manager might prefer candidate B, which is just human chemistry!

Therefore, although interview techniques and information provided to the parties allow excellent recruiters to achieve a mix and forecast ratio of just over 65%, I rarely see better results.

Therefore, the maintenance phase is the biggest risk of trying to find a job in the application, and everything is reduced to human chemistry. It is uncontrollable but predictable.

Telephone interview

In addition to submitting an application, if you have read the ad and you have the required skills, skills, qualifications and experience (SQE) HR requirements, you can easily conduct a telephone interview.

The difference between a job application and a phone interview is simple: the format of the communication. The information that the employer actually seeks is neither different nor always more complete than required in the job application. The only other proof is that the content you mentioned in the application can be confirmed with confidence in a telephone interview.

Work requirements?

I keep saying, and I firmly believe that all the basic requirements for a suitable job candidate can be found in the job posting. Yes, if you research and understand your potential employer (up to 200%), you can increase your chances of finding a job, taking into account the broader interests of the organization. But what you need to know is that the ideal candidate should be included in the job offer.

However, again and again, job seekers do not read job advertisements. I think this is because job seekers don’t know how to read. This is just a bad reflection of China’s education system. But since it involves all categories of applications, I conclude that the problem comes from the candidate’s own impulse, which gives him something we can call a beer mug!

Simply put, the desire to work and get a dream job eliminates and replaces people’s ability to read job opportunities. They read the title, watched the salary, and because of the job opportunity, they made it so simple that they could only click on the inquiry.

Communication and compassion

In the past five years, one of the areas I have focused on is the most effective process of getting a job (job in phuket). However, recently, in the conversation with professional trainers and my friends, the last part explained why this process played a role in the communication puzzle, so the successful bid was placed in his position.

I told him that I am now convinced that he has provided the most efficient process for all those looking for a job, and I explained some key strategies and decision points to him. I told him I knew it created better communication and therefore a commitment to potential employers and hiring managers, but I wondered if there were other factors to explain what happened.

As a training engineer, I focus on the efficiency of the process. In short, the job search system allows job seekers to stay ahead of the competition and get closer to the hiring manager, making him a good recruiter to win the job market. But as an NLP-trained trainer, she immediately understood what the process created: good communication.

Exercise is a bad technique. If one of them finds that they have lost an average of nearly £10,000 in revenue and extra costs, they will do better soon.