Note that they exist in different forms, not the same thing, warning Carole Colombani, who often uses gunshots.

For very natural luster, from the inside of the skin, we turn to mica because these minerals give the light a very soft reflection. They are found in illuminators, creams, substrates and blushers. “Cream or powder, whatever it is, depends primarily on what you want: when the powder is more glamorous, the creamy texture will be better combined to get more subtlety,” the makeup artist suggested.

For slightly brighter luster, the micronized straw is only slightly larger than the mother-of-pearl, but brighter. “By returning light in all directions, they create micro-lightning on the skin and are part of the latest generation of highlighters,” she said.

As for the classic straw, it includes a long layer of makeup (glitter eyes), short eyelashes or a bright area like the inner corner of the eye to give the appearance size.

Where can we use them?

On the face, we can choose a creamy base with a pearl, but the studio makeup artist likes to create a personalized shine. “Consider Carole Colombani by mixing a micron of rice in a good light brown moisturizer, gently massage the face, neck, and why not shoulders.” You won’t see the flicker at first, but only when you move.

To refresh the skin tone, place the mark on the brow, on the cupid’s bow, on the chin, and on the bridge of the nose: “But especially not on the tip, use the optical illusion to flatten the nose,” Pro insists.

For the eyes, we thought of superposition. There is a layer of pearlescent cream on the bottom and a shiny powder coating on the other to increase the size and depth of the eyes. “If you want your eyelashes to shine, always choose a mascara that is darker than your iris to avoid staining your eyes: for example, the color burgundy or emerald glow on a black base,” our experts recommend .

Another option: brown pencil inlaid scorpion pieces. “It brings sparks to the eyes. It is brighter, more elegant and more subtle than a very shiny silver-black pencil.”

In the nails, snobbery is encouraged by the use of matte, less feminine and more elegant sequins, but still reflects manicure. With regard to the thorny problem of burning mouth, it is best to avoid if you have a life outside the podium, according to Carole Colombani: “Sequins attract irresistible eyeballs, preferably looking at the eyes.”

How to solve them as professionals?

Chunky face glitter and mother-of-pearl are not traditional pigments. Therefore, they are applied in different ways. Our experts said: “They are stuck, they won’t pass over the skin, there is a risk of crushing and suffocating.”

Moist the area with a brush soaked in hot water. Pick up and use a foam or silicone applicator to apply the chandelier, which will prevent them from falling through the electrospray. Then use a fan brush to bring them into contact with the skin or flat and close to the eyes.

The results are organized by spraying cosmetics. Use a microporous dressing to remove those who have fallen (such as a ring). This very light adhesive paper is used for adhesive dressings and can be found in all pharmacies.

To remove the cosmetic, remove as much of the product as possible to avoid excessive rubbing of the skin particles, which can damage sensitive skin. Then massage these areas with a cleansing oil that “captures” the scales. Remove everything with cotton soaked in the micellar water, and the micelles will magnetize the oil and the sheen it contains.